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The Education of Brett Kavanaugh. Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly. The Meritocracy Trap.

Six months of survival in the tropical rainforest

Daniel Markovits. Guest House for Young Widows. Azadeh Moaveni.

Survival Supervivencia

Palaces for the People. Eric Klinenberg. How The Other Half Learns. Robert Pondiscio. Lara Bazelon. Neil Gorsuch. Grace Blakeley. How to Justify Torture.

How to Fight Anti-Semitism. Here to Stay. The President. Staging the People. Jacques Ranciere. Outsider in the White House. Senator Bernie Sanders. Rising Out of Hatred. Right Here, Right Now. Stephen J. House of Trump, House of Putin. On the Other Side of Freedom. DeRay Mckesson. Julia Lovell.

Breast and cervical cancer survival at Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Colombia.

Melanie Joy, PhD. Erik Olin Wright. The Political Writings. See Jane Win.

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Caitlin Moscatello. Charlene Carruthers. The Authoritarian Personality. Nevitt Sanford and Daniel J. The Outlaw Ocean. Maximum Canada. Doug Saunders. For a Left Populism. Chantal Mouffe. Workers and Capital. Mario Tronti. Verso Books. This Spanish-translated title teaches readers about the hard work and dedication that athletes of all levels go through to be healthy and successful.

Find out how professional Crime Scene investigators solve crimes in this Spanish-translated nonfiction book! With detailed images and fascinating facts, readers learn about forensic science, criminal investigative evidence, and crime scene searches. Step inside a studio and learn what it takes to be an artist! This Spanish-translated nonfiction title engages readers through stimulating facts and vivid images and diagrams in conjunction with a brief background on well-known art movements. Mysterious events occur all over the world. Readers will learn about these strange phenomena and more curiosities like ESP and crop circles in this baffling, Spanish-translated nonfiction title.

From Stonehenge to the Bermuda Triangle, there are many places on Earth that remain a mystery to scientists! Readers will discover these curious places--and more! History is full of unsolved crimes, mysterious disappearances, and strange sightings.

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Discover some well-known mysteries in history--including Amelia Earhart, Big Foot, and the Salem Witch Trials--in this fascinating, Spanish-translated nonfiction book. Using their hands, feet, and determination, rock climbers defy gravity and conquer amazing challenges! This Spanish title shows readers the important aspects a rock climber must go through to prepare for a climb.

Find out what surfers need to know to have fun and stay safe in the water in this engaging, Spanish-translated nonfiction title! Invite readers to learn about the history of surfing, surfing culture, what equipment is needed, and more! Go-Karts are a fun and thrilling way to hit the road! This exciting, Spanish-translated nonfiction title invites readers to explore different parts needed to build a go-kart, velocity, speed, and how to stay safe in this exciting motorsport.

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Chain of Survival

Motivate students to read and re-read and prepare them for more challenging text with these Spanish nonfiction books. New vocabulary and complex sentence structures combine with content-area themes to engage readers. Integrate content-area topics into literacy lessons with vibrant, Spanish-translated nonfiction books that appeal to older students needing high-interest, lower-readability texts that are subject-specific.

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